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Richard’s Reviews: sham devices and placebos

Sham devices can have a larger effect than placebo, should they remain to be under-regulated? Yamama tells us more.

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Richard’s Reviews: BCG Vaccine and Breast Cancer Genes

From Richards’s Review this week, Pishoy highlights the resurrection of the BCG vaccine and the new gene on the block in the world of breast cancer.

S4BE Journal Club: Richard Lehman’s Reviews

Richard Lehman is a brilliant academic primary care physician who writes a weekly review of all the big journals; a number of our star bloggers (Pishoy, Nathan, Norah and Yamama) have taken the time to blog Richard’s Reviews for patients and students.


Richard’s Reviews: Psoriasis, Breast Cancer and Infertility

In this blog, Norah uses Richard Lehman’s review of journals for the BMJ to find and summarize the new and interesting publications in medical journals.

Richard’s Reviews: Cholesterol, Surrogate Outcomes and Real World Outcomes

Nathan has picked out two parts of Richard’s Review for this week which he’s found especially interesting; Niacin, and Sjögren Syndrome.

Richard’s Reviews: Antiphospholipid Syndrome, DVT, and Self-Evident Facts!

This week RIchard talked about a hope he has had since long ago concerning a syndrome called Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Yamama tells us more.

Richard’s Reviews: Malaria, Cambodian Mines, and Communication Barriers

As part of our weekly blog on Richard’s Reviews, this week, Pishoy has picked Malaria and Blood Cholesterol.