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ALOIS Modules – Making sense of research and evidence

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Andrew Harper

Learning Resources
Alois modules

This interactive resource provided by the dementia research-related group ALOIS is a very user-friendly interface offering students a basic understanding of how to assess research and evidence. Six videos available on the site include the basics regarding statistics, clinical trials and systematic reviews. Although specific to dementia, the principles discussed are applicable to the wider community.

Very good and ideal if a basic understanding of statistics is wanted. 4/5


Editor’s note (August 2018). The link to the ALOIS Modules is not currently available. In the meantime, have a look at the resources available at Cochrane Training: https://training.cochrane.org/.


Andrew Harper

Andrew Harper

Andrew Harper (http://about.me/andrewharper) is a New England Journal of Medicine Scholar. He is a final year medical student at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom and has gained an MSc in Medical Genetics with distinction. His current clinical interests are in cardiology, but he also has research and teaching interests. He has published a wide-range of research articles. You can follow Andrew on twitter (@arharper17) to find out how genomics and digital health can improve healthcare. View more posts from Andrew

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