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Posted on April 12, 2017


This blog is a review of a resource. In this case, the key points from chapter 7 of the book ‘Testing Treatments (2nd ed)’. If you’re a student and would like to share your thoughts about different resources and learning tools, you can find more information here. 

Access the resource here: http://www.testingtreatments.org/book/what-are-fair-tests-of-treatments/taking-account-of-the-play-of-chance/

Roughly how long did it take you to read/complete?

3 minutes

What did you think of the resource? (e.g. was it clear or difficult to understand?)

It was clear and easy to use as there is audio but also text and tables to follow along.

Do you feel it improved your understanding?

Yes, it’s short and concise but addresses the point and summarises the topic without wordy explanations. It features good examples, without getting too technical with numbers.

What problems did you find with it (if any) / how do you think it could be improved?

 I did have to refresh the page to access the second recording but that may have just been me – related to cookies I think. I think the source itself was good and doesn’t need improvement.

Overall, what would you score the resource out of 5? (and why?)

5 – it clearly summarises the role of chance and was easy to understand. Also, it’s good if (like me) you prefer audio/video sources to reading.

Gareth Grant

I am a Medical Student at St Andrews University currently in my 3rd (and final) year here but will be moving to Glasgow University for a further 3 years to complete my MBChB. I grew up near Edinburgh - so haven't ventured far yet, however, I am keen to do some work abroad when I qualify. I am currently keeping an open mind to which area of medicine I would like to specialise in but have a strong interest in medical research in general.

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